Hardys Original Sweetshops are magical emporiums for confectionery connoisseurs everywhere. Our famous stores can be found across London, and in Bath, Oxford, Windsor, Canterbury, Salisbury and Cambridge. And now Hardys is open for business online so you can shop for all your favourites anytime, anywhere.


Hot Chilli Chocolate Bar Hot Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar

It's Hot...Hot...Hot!

Our Price: £3.49
Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Beans Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Beans

Every Flavour Beans

Our Price: £3.99
Demon Chilli White Chocolate Demon Chilli White Chocolate Bar

Devilishly Hot!

Our Price: £3.49
Harry Potter Jelly Slugs Harry Potter Jelly Slugs

Gummi Candy Slugs

Our Price: £3.99
Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

With a Collectible Wizard Card

Our Price: £3.99